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Winning bidders must complete payment and vesting information after logging in and clicking on the sale date in the Auction Calendar. The payment deadline is 5 business days after the auction date. Payments will be marked as Pending until about two weeks from the payment deadline, at which point all received payments will be marked Valid. Grant Street Group will issue refunds of the bid deposit to unsuccessful bidders within ten (10) business days of the auction closing. You will receive an email when your refund has been issued. Partially used deposits will be refunded by the county.



05/14/2019 Tax Sale 5/14/2019
341 properties sold
Items Count
Advertised 406
Canceled 65
Sold 144
  ID# APN Num. Bids Opening Bid Winning Bid  
130104 - $22,350.00 - Details
Show item details 130104.001 0315-137-13-0000 -
Withdrawn 05/11/2019
Show item details 130104.002 0315-137-37-0000 -
Withdrawn 05/10/2019
130105 8 $36,750.00 $220,000.00 Details
Parcel Group named 12029 BRYANT ST, YUCAIPA will be grouped together and sold as one. There will be one winner for this group.
Show item details 130105.001 0322-382-06-0000 -
Show item details 130105.002 0322-382-07-0000 -

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